Frequently asked Questions

How I can place the order?

You may go online to our website and reserve a kitten that you like. You must fill out the form and we shall get back to you just shortly. ​

How can I pay for the rest?

If we do the shipping for you, an invoice is sent for the rest via email. The payment has to be completed no later than 2 days before shipping to you.

If you come for pick up, you pay the rest at our location on the pick up date. There will be 7% sales tax for in-location payments. ​

Why do I have to wait so long for my kitten?

We work with breeders Nationwide. Every kitten has to receive at least 2 shots of PCH and rabies before it comes to you.

If your kitten is already 12 weeks old, necessary pick up or shipping arrangements can be made. This normally takes between 1-2 weeks after you have placed the order and paid a deposit. ​

How does shipping by cargo work?

The Kitten flies alone in a carrier box and a spacialist from the shipping company in question. All types of cats can be shipped by cargo EXCEPT Exotic shorthair, Persian, and Burmese.

We book a flight for your kitten a week before the delivery and send you flight details via email.

To pick up your kitten, you have to go to the cargo facility at your airport, show your ID and provide the AWB number. ​

What does “shipping with a nanny” mean?

It means that we are flying with a kitten in a cabin. You have to come to the airport and pick your kitten up after the flight has arrived.

It costs between R1550-R2500. Price depends on destination. ​

Are you a breeder?

Yes we are, we also work with other breeders to get the best for every home. ​

I want to transfer my deposit to another kitten.

Unfortunately deposits are not transferable to other kittens, except the one you have chosen. The reason being is that upon request, a deposit is paid to the breeder in order to keep the kitten for you. Arrangements and exceptions can be made ONLY if both the originally chosen kitten and the newly desired kitten are from the same breeder, AND if the kitten is still not spayed, and purebred certificate has not been issued under your name.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, cashier checks, and money order. We don’t accept PayPal or personal checks.

What kind of litter filler can we use for our kittens?

We recommend using organic types of litter filler such as pine wood or paper pallets. One main reason for this suggestion is that if your kitty decides to try to eat a piece, it will just dissolve in the stomach and will not hurt it.

What kind of food do we use for our kittens?

Different breeders feed their cats with different types brands of food.

We try to find the best and universal type of food but still carry plenty of variety because every single kitten prefers something special.

Royal Canin: Mother and Baby Cat is one of our favorite brands. Buffalo Blue for kittens good as well.

As a treat we give them Applaws chicken filet or tuna fish.

For cats with an upset stomach, we recommend keeping a raw food diet (beef, pork, or turkey)

In terms of dry food, it is preferable to use grain free for kittens, such as Royal Canin, Purina, or Hills.

Another good tip is to mix canned food with Rice, oatmeal, or other porridges. ​